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The Opti Matrix Maker™ lets you create a custom optimization screen right in your lab.

The Plug Maker™ is a next generation


With optional 24-channel live UV monitoring, the Protein Maker can provide analytical readouts on the fly.

Providing Innovative Instrumentation and Services Solutions

With Ion Torrent Next Gen Sequencing, we reach all the goals your sequencing research needs.

​Sequencing Services

Protein BioSolutions provides viable solutions for scientists involved in protein production, characterization, purification and crystallography as well as in DNA sequencing.  We provide sales and service for instruments and devices to assist in the protein production workflow.

Accelerate your research on protein function. The Protein Maker workstation pictured above makes high throughput protein purification chromatography simple by allowing you to purify 24 protein samples in parallel.


Plug Maker

UV Monitoring

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From Buffers to shelves, we provide options to accessorize and simplify your work on our instrumentation.  

Our products and Services

The Protein Maker’s flexible design lets you perform wide-ranging proteomics projects or focus on a single
gene product.​