Providing Innovative Instrumentation and Services Solutions

Sequencing Service Opportunities include:
• Biomarker validation
• Gene mutation analysis
• Gene expression analysis
​• Companion drug diagnostics testing
• De novo sequencing (microbial, viral)
• SNP and SNV analysis
​• Deep sequencing of target genes

Protein BioSolutions provides sequencing services using Ion Torrent Next Gen Sequencing. Ion Torrent platforms offer extremely fast turnaround and high quality data generation in a cost-effective manner. The Protein BioSolutions team uses the latest Ion Torrent sequencer (Ion PGM & Ion Proton) and reagents to address your research needs.

Our goal is to make Next Gen Sequencing available, affordable and easy to implement. Contact us at so we can learn more about your goals and figure out which type of sequencing is most relevant to you.

• Custom assay development
• Allele‐specific PCR, multiplex PCR
• Drug metabolizing enzyme genotyping
• Virus detection and quantitation
• Transcriptomeprofiling by NGS
• Exome sequencing
• RNA and micro‐RNA sequencing   

​​​​​​​​- Provide - better differential gene expression levels, including larger dynamic range and lack of array probe saturation
- Detect - additional information such as alternative transcripts and miRNA species/quantification
- Qualify - viral/host and bacterial/host samples
- Deliver - sequencing results at costs that are similar to the equivalent microarray sample prep/run