Design a custom optimization screen using EZ-screen Composer. EZ-Screen Composer is pre-loaded with screen from a number of different vendors. The software automatically designs an optimization
screen around the conditions in the well that produced the hit. Adjust the chemicals, pH levels, and concentrations. The export the data to the Opti-Matrix Maker for production.

Streamline the design and creation of optimization screens

When you get a hit in a crystallization screen, it’s time to optimize. But to generate the conditions and pipette the various chemicals is labor-intensive and error-prone. The Opti-Matrix Maker takes the work out of designing and generating optimization screens. Generate the screen conditions with a few clicks of the mouse then let the desktop instrument automatically dispense the chemicals into SBS blocks or well plates. The Opti-Matrix Maker can give you an accurate, neat optimization screen minutes after you find your original crystal hit.

Providing Innovative Instrumentation and Services Solutions

For crystallographers, the task of optimizing after getting an initial hit has traditionally been tedious and prone to errors. Now the Opti-Matrix Maker™ lets you create a custom optimization screen right in your lab. No more calculating, measuring, or pipetting. Use your own stock
solutions to create a precise, accurate matrix with up to 96 optimization formulations.

  • Mix up to 10 unique stock solutions
    plus water
  • Choose a range of stocks: Compatible with organic, viscous, and varied pH solutions
  • Dispense into SBS blocks and well plates
  • Customize your matrices using intuitive, touchscreen controls