The Micro capillary Protein Crystallization System™ or the Plug Maker™ is a next generation protein crystallization workstation
that enables you to obtain crystals from as little as 10 nL of protein per experiment. Perform high-throughput, batch-style crystallization in “plugs” inside microfluidic CrystalCards™. The
crystals can be easily extracted for analysis by X-ray diraction or subjected to in situ X-ray diraction. 

  1.  Screen , optimize, and produce diraction​ ready crystal
  2. Generate up to 800 individual experiments per CrystalCard using about 4 μL of protein
  3. Combine protein with up to 24 conditions​ at a range of concentrations in each​ CrystalCard.
  4. Increase your chance of obtaining a high​ quality crystal

Each CrystalCard combines protein, precipitant, and buer to create individual

experiments at various concentrations that are separated by carrier fluid. Ideal

for sparse matrix and gradient screening, ligand screening, microfluidic seeding,

batch-style protein crystallization experiments, and simultaneous gradient

screening from two crystallization hits.

Grow crystals in durable, X-ray transmissive CrystalCards. Visualize crystallization sweet
spots, transport crystals, or store them for months in the cards. Remove crystals easily for
traditional cryoprotection and X-ray diraction studies. Or test crystals for X-ray diraction inside the CrystalCards using a simple
goniometer adaptor.

These images show actual crystals grown in, and harvested from CrystalCards along with the corresponding 3-D structures that resulted.

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